Flushing Coin Club

Founded in 1964 – Dedicated to the study of numismatics

The Topic For This Month’s Exhibits is Your Choice.

It is our Annual Competitive Exhibit Meeting. Your opportunity to show your fellow members what you’ve been most interested in lately. There will be a single “Best in Show” winner selected by the membership.

Each member can use as much as one table at the meeting to show us what you’ve got! Please add a small label with your name to simplify the voting process.


A message to our members:

Please submit ideas for exhibit topics for 2015. We try to find new topics each year to keep our meetings fresh and lively. We need each of you to participate in the process. This is your club – we want to know what interests you as a numismatist. If you have ideas for guest speakers, field trips, etc. please let us know that as well.

We’re happy to have each of you as a fellow member, and we are always trying to improve what we do.